Come to Expect the Best

The Healthcare Market is changing

Decreasing reimbursement, increased patient responsibility and high compliance hurdles are just a few of the challenges providers are facing as the industry evolves. When you operate with Nirvana Health Group, our people, processes and technology help you navigate the revenue cycle and bring measurable results..

Broad Knowledge of the Entire Revenue Cycle Management

Nirvana Health Group’s Operational framework centers on demonstrated capabilities and proficiencies across the end-to-end revenue cycle. Our solutions translate proven tactics and processes into measurable impact, leading to superior financial and organizational outcomes.

Revenue Cycle Management

Modular and end-to-end services that leverage our extensive experience to deliver sustainable results for today’s complex revenue cycle challenges.All administrative and clinical functions

Physician Advisory Services

A comprehensive physician advisory solution that supports hospitals and medical facilities in navigating the regulatory environment and improving compliance.

Value Based Reimbursement

Managing the transformation to fee-for-value reimbursement models, we provide the infrastructure and operational capabilities required for success of healthcare providers.

Value Proposition

Upto 35% reduction in delivery costs, which allows our clients to increase their profitability using global business model coupled with the ability for them to confidently.